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Vanavevhu, an Africa-based NGO partners with an Africa-based corporation, we’re all about local for local!


Transition Vanavevhu from a traditional NGO funding model to a financially sustainable organization.


A shift to becoming results oriented and a structured effort to engage in corporate partnerships. All with a view to becoming a social enterprise in the future.
  • We have worked with Vanavevhu since 2013. With Executive Director, Lizz Mhangami, we developed a 3-year strategic plan with focus on financial sustainability. After struggling to secure steady donations, Lizz dreamed of adopting an alternative financial model. Through conversations, audits, and research, D3 built a functional transition plan that built results tracking, cause marketing, and planning for the eventual adoption of the social enterprise model.
  • After a year of hard work and certain programmatic overhauls, Vanavevhu entered its first corporate partnership with the Africa-based, hotel chain management company, Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG). RTG partnered with Vanavevhu to create eco-friendly roof-top gardens both recreational and functional use. The gardens produce pleasant and unique outdoor experiences for guests and supply the hotel restaurants with fresh produce. Vanavevhu's youth beneficiaries designed, created and manage these gardens, developing key skills such as business development, hydroponic agriculture techniques, and client management. We continue to help Vanavevhu manage corporate partnership relationships, demonstrate key results and provide guidance.

We are D3 United

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We are D3 United

Strategic Communication

April 2013


D3 Founder, Akash Ghai connects with Lizz Mhangami, Executive Director and Founder of Vanavevhu
June 2013

D3 hired for organizational audit

Vanavevhu hires D3 to conduct an audit of the organization.
August 2013

Organizational audit completed

We assessed the organizational development and internal governance issues Vanavevhu faced, and produced a report of our findings.
February 2014

Development of 3-year Strategic Plan

Based on the audit findings one of the outcomes was to develop a 3-year Strategic Plan for Vanavevhu. D3 was hired to produce the plan.
April 2014

Evaluation of programs and practices

We developed a monitoring, evaluation and results based budgeting framework and changed programmatic activities to streamline processes and operations.
January 2015

Continuous strategic guidance

Vanavevhu reengages D3 to assess the transition set about in the strategic plan. We provided guidance as the organization began developing its ideal state as a social enterprise.
January 2016

Seeking corporate partners

As Vanavevhu continues to develop its social enterprise model, we suggested the idea of pursuing corporate partners in order to bridge the gap and become a social enterprise.
January 2017

Vanavevhu's first corporate partnership

Vanavevhu enters its first corporate partnership with the Africa-based, hotel chain management company, Rainbow Tourism Group (RTG).
February 2017 - present

D3 continues to support Vanavevhu

We continue to work with Vanavevhu to help manage corporate partnership relationships, demonstrate key results and transition into a social enterprise on the horizon.