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Development3 (D3)
  • Development 3 (D3) is an international consulting firm focused on providing strategic solutions to companies and organizations addressing social change. We have been in the game long enough to be able to build tailored strategies with a foundation on past successes that allow our clients to evaluate, generate and demonstrate resounding social impact in their for-profit space. We provide our champions of progress with the tools, advice and external partnerships to be highly-effective catalysts of change.

Evaluate Impact

We work with internal stakeholders to assess organizational capacity, practices and programs with a view to maximizing social and financial returns on investment (ROI).

Generate Impact

Using unique strategies tailored for each client, we design and innovate for our clients giving strategies, sustainable programs and win-win corporate and NGO partnerships.

Demonstrate Impact

We ensure genuine commitment to social efforts is recognized and leveraged to help foster sustainable growth.

Our Expertise

We manage three service lines each grounded in the belief that cross-sector collaboration is key to securing sustainable development for organizations and society in general. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

We work with organizations to strategize, create, implement and evaluate CSR initiatives.

Cause Marketing

We bring visibility to the social efforts of organizations

Change Management

We work with organizations to address the challenges that come with pursuing social efforts.
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